About us

We’re Hir We’re Queer (WHWQ) is a small collectively-run pamphlet and zine distro based in Brooklyn and Rio de Janiero. As gendered, racialized and sexualized oppressed people, our interests in politics and theory are often stifled by sexist academia, machismo teachers and chauvinistic comrades. Society discourages those of us who are not white, heterosexual, cis men from engaging critically with theory, philosophy, and politics. WHWQ was born out of an attempt to disrupt that norm. Originally launched as a site to reflect on a community queer theory study group, WHWQ worked with that group cut through the alienation we experienced at the hands of the usual institutional spaces.

Now, WHWQ is turning over a new leaf with renewed confidence and belief in the importance of encouraging non-males, queers, and transgender folks, especially those who are people of color, to write, read, and engage with political theory. We see this project as intimately connected to practical, on the ground struggle—we are committed to circulating the writings that have informed us as organizers and as militants.  More specifically, the WHWQ distro focuses on revolutionary and radical political theory about queers, written by queers, and in the interest in the fight for the liberation of queers. Oftentimes this means our content does not directly mention anything about LGBTQ people. This is because we recognize that many queers want to read or write about gentrification, white supremacy, immigration, etc. All these fights are deeply and necessarily related to the fight for queer liberation and are therefore deeply necessary for our work as a distro.


4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Greetings and solidarity to you! I’m wondering how we might connect for some dialogue toward broadening the conversation and orientation to which you’re committed. I can be messaged at Justice 4 Jermaine on Facebook: – https://www.facebook.com/Justice4JermaineMcBean/?fref=ts. However, I’d hope we can organize a phone chat or simply exchange some emails wherein we can exchange ideas. We’re based in Broward County, FL, where to date it’s been very difficult to find allies whose orientation is anything but reformist. Nuf said for now.

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